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    Baby Ovy

    Already posing for the camera at 3.5 weeks old


We are Keith and Christina Taylor. We have a small hobby Rottweiler kennel located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We have owned and been a part of this magnificent breed since 1991. We started with our first Rottweilers being rescues. They taught us so much, and ever since, they have been our passion. We are in love with this breed due to its nobility, confidence, intelligence, ability to work, and yet be a loving family dog at the same time. We feel it is truly an all-in-one breed.

   With that being said, our hearts are involved with protecting, promoting, and the breeding Rottweilers. Our goal is to breed for the Total Rottweiler and its STANDARD in QUALITY and EXCELLENCE. Therefore, our lines have the ability to compete in many sports, including herding, carting, agility, tracking, rally, therapy work, and in the conformation ring.  

   Our lines are developed from the TOP European lines, including Germany. Genetics, health, and longevity play a considerable role in our breeding program, and we pay close attention to what we are genetically producing.  For instance, eye color, muzzle length, mouth pigment,  bone substance, temperament,  working ability, and structure. A lot of research and careful consideration is given to each individual breeding to ensure the best possible chance of a well-bred puppy.

   All dogs in our program must pass OFA hip certification and have multiple generations of GOOD or EXCELLENT in their pedigrees. We believe that the pedigree tells a lot of the story when choosing a breeding. It offers insight into what the offspring will potentially become. So starting with superior adults increases the probability of producing exceptional puppies!                    

   We pride ourselves on making available top-quality Rottweiler puppies.  To better ensure our puppies' health and mental soundness, we imprint them to a wide variety of experiences during their development. We socialize them to different creatures, children of all ages, and to an array of noises and textures to help them have a great start. We have found that this makes for a more balanced and healthier adult.  Before leaving to their prospective homes, they will be wormed, have current vaccinations, and be vet checked. You and your new puppy will also have access to breeder support for the life of the dog. All puppies are AKC registered.

    We do require a puppy questionnaire to be filled out and an evaluation of any potential buyers to ensure the best possible match for your new best friend.  

   We breed for the betterment of the Rottweiler, and our program is dedicated to the protection, education, care, and training of the Rottweiler. We are pleased to offer some of the most versatile lines that can show, work, protect and be a loving pet. So feel free to go to the link page, and you will find some good resources that will offer more education and information for the care and understanding of this wonderful breed.

   If you are interested in one of our Rottweiler puppies, please feel free to fill out the contact information on the contact tab, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible!        

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you!