Where We All Dwell In Unity


Here on this page you will see many photos that will let you have a peep into the living areas and lives of our dogs. Hopefully it will answer some of the questions you have prior to inquiring about them. Of course we're always happy to answer any additional questions you may have. 



Our Home and Yard

We have a fairly large yard for the dogs to run and play. They spend most of their time chasing squirrels that love to help themselves to the abundance of fruit trees in the back yard. They enjoy the occasional passerby and feel compelled to do a patrol of the yard each morning, afternoon and evening to make sure nothing has gotten in or out that wasn't supposed to. 


Sleep and Eat

Of course after a hard days work and play they love to relax in their beds or have some personal time in their individual crates. There is always fresh Berky water available to them and the eat the most premium species specific food available.


Where Champions Are Born!

The nursery is where I spend most of my time the first few weeks of the puppies lives. I watch carefully to make sure mom is being good about feeding, sleeping, cleaning and taking care to not get confused where those little stinkers are when she lays down. The room is dedicated to everything whelping and nursing. It is away from major sounds, heavy traffic and free from drafts. In this way the puppies and mom are sure to have a comfortable and safe place in which to bond and grow.


We hope you have enjoyed this portion of our web page. Feel free to go to "A Glimpse" to see further photos and adventures we have had in the past!