New Puppy Bria Making Her Mark!!!

Bria Is A New Champion!



Bria is the pick of the Dak and Harley litter. Little pink girl. She was special right out of the gate, with her micheivious personality. She was always the curious one with a  fearless disposition ready to take on any task and perceived threat that might be lurking behind the tire or around the corner.She was always keeping her littermates in line and making sure they understood who was boss!It was obvious at a very early age the was a star and would stack so naturally. I had no question in my mind what this dog was born to do. After all it's in her genes. :) She would pose and make the cutest lil jump sideways as if she was a bukaroo horsey kickin off it's rider. So many evenings we would just sit and watch her personality come to life as she would aprehend her brothers and sisters and teach them how to live up to Blast reputation. 

We since then have worked on staking and getting ready for the show ring.. it didn't take long beofre this lil gorl realized exactly what I was asking of her. She would walk right into that stack as she anxiously awaited the ever delicious treat while leaving her drool in a puddle on the floor. She loves to show and is so food driven I see us not only competeting in the confirmation ring but also other sports as well. She has alreay gone to several Barn Hunt practices and is catching on well.

Her first confirmation show she was 5 months old and we competed at an ICKC show. We got first puppy and BPIS and lots of other ribbons. I could tell that her confidence was growing and she was really learning to love the idea of showing off.  Second show was held in Norman Oklahoma where we competed in a UKC show at 6 months old and went against 11 other puppies. She won BPIS and Group 1. She's catchiing on now!!! Then our last show we attended was another ICKC where Bria was in the Jounior class at 7 months and she competed against adult and got BPIS, RBPIS and RBIS!! She was awarded 5 Group 1 and 2 Group 2. She did fantastic! We Couldn't be more proud of this girl! 

Soon it will be time for the big leagues! We just have to keep making it fun and hoping to inspire others to join us in this most fun sport!